Olkhon island

Wednesday 2005-08-17

The hydrofoil does not stop somewhere near Khuzhir (the main village of the 90-km long island), but somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Taxis were waiting there for passengers to Khuzhir:

After arrival in Khuzhir we went to Nikitas homestead, the first adress for backpackers on the island. They organized a cheap (150 roubles per night, that's about 4 EUR) place to sleep at a private house and also the transfer to that place:

In the afternoon we explored the village Khuzhir:

The Shaman's rock:

The beach:

A small shop with a cafe, where we meet some other backpackers:

Thursday 2005-08-18

Our little house:

The toilet in the garden:

We went to the bus station to buy our tickets for the trip to Irkutsk two days later.
Bus timetable:

We met two pensioners from Germany, who travelled 7000 km by car from Germany to Olkhon:

In the afternoon we made a hiking trip along the coast:

The landscape reminds a little bit of Scotland:

Florian with the rest of an animal. We decided to call it "the bursted cow", as the parts were spread over an huge are...so appearently the cow must have bursted...

A smaller animal, but still alive...

The dog at the house of our hosts:

Preparing dinner:

The Shaman's rock:

Together with Gregory from Tomsk and Michael from Steyr, whom we met there, as well as with some beers from the local shop we had a funny evening:

Friday 2005-08-19

Today we made a guided island roundtrip by car:

Russian UAZ-car (Ulyanovskyj Avtomobilnyj Zavod):

Three Russian tourists from Yekaterinburg in our group:

Cape Khoboy, the most northern point of the island:

Again our house: