Monday 2005-09-19

The station of Bukhara is located at Kagan, about 15 kilometers outside of Bukhara, but minibuses are running frequently.

Evening at Lyabi-Hauz, the central place of Bukhara with a small lake:

Tuesday 2005-09-20

In Bukhara we found a private accomodation at a family's home.


The street, in which the house was located:

Lyabi-Hauz by day:

Char Minar mosque:

Bukhara by night:

Wednesday 2005-09-21

Ready for school...

Ark (Reception and Coronation Court)

Samani park:

Dilya from Bukhara - we met during sightseeing, she's student at a special school for tourism


The highest Uzbek money bill is 1000 Som, but usually you will get 500 Som bills, when you change money. 500 Som is about 0,3 Euro, so big bags are needed to store the money...

Thursday 2005-09-22

Uzbek breakfast: