Shangai - Xian

Map Shanghai - Xian - Urumchi - Almaty:

Friday 2005-09-02

Today we started a lonmg journey from Shanghai across whole China to Almaty in Kazakhstan.

Train trip:
Shanghai 16:19 - Xian 8:39 (next day)

Waiting room at Shanghai station:


Open hard-sleeper car:

The friendly Chinese "provodniza":

Saturday 2005-09-03

Arrival at Xian

We arrived at Xian in the morning and wanted to continue the same evening, allowing just enough time to visit the Terrakotta warriours.
So the first thing was to buy onward train tickets. In China it is not possible to buy tickets at other but the departure station, so we couldn't buy the tickets earlier in Beijing or Shanghai.

Ticket office:

We got only tickets for the hard-seater, hard- or soft-sleeper were already sold out... the price of the ticket was 135 Yuan (13,5 Euro) for a trip of about 2500 kilometer.

We took a taxi to a hostel in downtown Xian, where we took a room for daytime use, just to store the luggage and have a shower. With another taxi we drove to the exhibition of the Terrakotta Warriours, which is located about 30 km east of Xian:

We returne d back to Xian in the afternoon.

We ate Pizza at the restaurant of the hostel.

Then we went to the station by taxi.