6 days on the train to Irkutsk

Map Khiva - Irkutsk - Graz

Not the most direct route....

Sunday 2005-09-25

Train trip to Irkutsk:
Turtgul 13:24 - Atyrau 16:22 (2nd day)
Atyrau 18:50 (2nd day) - Tobol 4:54 (4th day)
Tobol 5:24 (4th day) - Astana 17:07 (4th day)
Astana 20:54 (4th day) - Omsk 8:18 (5th day)
Omsk 12:22 (5th day) - Irkutsk 2:33 (7th day)

Turtgul station:

Train 331 from Tashkent to Saratov:

At the dining car:

Monday 2005-09-26

During the night the train passed the border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

In the Kazakh step:

Me and the "provodnik" (conducor):

At Atyrau in Kazakhstan I had two hours to wait for the connecting train to Astana. Unfortunately I got only tickets to Tobol and had to buy another ticket from there to Astana in another sleeping car.

Tuesday 2005-09-27

Long stop at Aktyubinsk station:

Party with new friends...

Wednesday 2005-09-28

We were approaching Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan:

My fellow passengers between Tobol and Astana:

Astana station:

I arrived at 17:07 and continued about four hours later with the overnight train to Omsk in Russia.

Thursday 2005-09-29

Near Omsk:

Train Karaganda - Astana - Omsk:


Trip Omsk - Irkutsk:

Whereas it had been quite hot (up to 35 degrees) in Uzbekistan some days ago, here in Siberia autumn had already begun:

Friday 2005-09-30

At Kranojarsk station:

Saturday 2005-10-01

Arrival at Irkutsk at 2:33 (Moscow time, 7:33 local time)