Irkutsk - Ulan Bator

Monday 2005-08-22

Today we were in the rails again!

Train trip:
Irkutsk 1:04 (Moskva time, local time: 6:04) - Ulan-Bator 7:35 (next day)

View to the Bajkal lake from the train near Slyudyanka:

Baikal lake:

Still sleeping...

Bridge over the Selenga river:

Loco-changig at Ulan-Ude. Here the unelectrified Transmongolian railway branches off the Transsiberian mainline.

Small houses near Ulan-Ude:

Old factories...

The landscape already get's more "mongolian" - less trees, more grass...

Naushki - Russian border station to Mongolia:

Here we had to wait about three hours. After the Russian border guards have taken our passports, we could leave the train to walk around for about one hour. Then we had to go back into the train, where we got our stamped passports back and where customs check took place.

After a short trip over the border we arrived at the Mongolian border station Suche-Bator, where the train stopped again for about two hours - Mongolian immigration and customs check took place.

At about midnight the train continued it's trip to Ulan-Bator.

Tuesday 2005-08-23

Ulan Bator station in the morning: