Mongolian countryside

Wednesday 2005-08-24

Today we startet our trip to the countryside with a Russian UAZ and a Mongolian driver:

Traffic jams only exist in Ulan-Bator...

...but some kilometers after the town, the country get's very empty...

Toll station:

UB "suburbs":

Waiting at another toll station:

Road to nowhere:

Watch this:
"I have a dream" - our driver was an ABBA-fan (Video at

Lunch break at a Mongolian restaurant "Guanz":

Our driver:

Mongolian roads:

300 km east of Ulan-Bator we reached our destination for that day, the Ogii Lake. We slept at a "tourist yurt":

Inside the yurt - an oven, working with dried "cow-shit":



Thursday 2005-08-25

Mongolian children:

We then continued to Kharakorum, the former Mongolian capital, which is located 60 km south of the Ogii lake:

During the trip we had some problems with the car, but our driver could fix the problem...

At Kharakorum we visited Erdene Zuu, a big Buddhist monastery:

Market at Kharakorum:

Our driver bought some spare parts to repair the car...

A sand-storm in the evening:

Also here we slept in a tourist-yurt. That was also included in the organized round-trip, for which we payed 15 USD per person per day (including transportation, accomodation and one meal per day).

Friday 2005-08-26

We started our trip back to Ulan-Bator, which took about 7 hours for 300 km, in the early morning:

Horses on a sand dune:

Mongolian petrol station:

Mongolian public toilet:

"Liebherr - progress creates success"

Back in Ulan Bator:

We spent one more night in the UB Guesthouse: