Irkutsk - Graz

Saturday 2005-10-08

Today the long way home to Austria begun:
Usole-Sibirskoe 12:47 - Moskva Yaroslavskaya 16:42 (three days later)
1 day stopover in Moscow
Moskva Kievskaya 21:20 - Budapest Keleti 9:12 (two days later)
Budapest Keleti 9:30 - Bruck an der Leitha 11:40
Bruck an der Leitha 12:13 - Wien Suedbahnhof 12:39
Wien Suedbahnhof 12:57 - Bruck an der Mur 14:58
Bruck an der Mur 15:02 - Graz Hbf 15:36

Train ticket Irkutsk - Maribor (Slovenia):

Due to a special deal it was cheaper to buy the ticket to Maribor in Slovenia. My friend Alexander in Moscow got this ticket folr me and sent it to Siberia by mail.

Sunday 2005-10-09

Train Irkutsk - Moskva at Kranojarsk station:

Snow at Tajga station:

The compartment, which I shared with a pensioner from Angarsk (near Irkutsk):

Monday 2005-10-10

At Tjumen station:

Russian cats also perfer to travel by train...

At Perm station:

Tuesday 2005-10-11

Typical Russian village

551 km till Moscow:

Bridge over the Volga near Nishnij Novgorod:

Arrival at Moskva Yaroslavskaya station:

Wednesday 2005-10-12

The house where Alexanders flat is (in Perovo district):

Church of Jesus the Saviour:

Arbat street:

In the evening Alexander drove me to Kievskaya station, from where the train to Budapest left at 21:20.

Thursday 2005-09-13

Train Moskva - Kiev at Khmelnizkij:

Ternopil station:

Lvov station:

In the middle of the night we arrived at Chop, where the boogie changing procedure took place:

My luggage after three months of travelling:

The train was running some minutes late, so I had to run to catch the connecting train at Budapest. It was the train from Budapest to Munich.

At Bruck an der Leutha I had to change to a local train to the Suedbahnhof (South station) in Vienna. This was the first time on Austrian territory after 85 days:

Via Vienna and with a further change of trains I finally reached Graz at 15:36. The whole family was waiting at the station...

The end.