In Irkutsk I met Nadja, whom I know from the GBT camp in august.

Sunday 2005-10-02

Trip to the Talzy open-air museum near Irkutsk:

At Listvyanka on the Bajkal:

Monday 2005-10-03


"Paulaner-Oktoberfest" in Irkutsk:

Wednesday 2005-10-05

Also Irkutsk has a Viennese Kaffeehaus - "Венское кафе"

Thursday 2005-10-06

Lenin is here:

Friday 2005-10-07

Old wooden houses in Irkutsk:


Angara river:

In the evening I went by local train to Usole-Sibirskoe (68 km nort-west of Irkutsk) and stayed there at friends.

Saturday 2005-10-08

A new orthodox church near Usole-Sibirskoe: