Train across China: Xian - Urumchi

Saturday 2005-09-03

Train trip:
Xian 18:35 - Urumchi 8:20 (two days later)

At Xian station:

We were the only foreigners in the waiting room for train 1043:

At Baoji station:

Fortunately we could buy an upgrade to a sleeping car on the train for about 300 Yuan, which allowed us a decent trip to Urumchi.

Sunday 2005-09-04

Crossing Western China by train:

The Chinese railways are being rapidly modernized. A new more direct line was under construction:

Kitchen in the dining car:

Lunch in the dining car:

In the afternoon we passed the northern parts of the Taklamakan desert:

Sunset in the desert:

Monday 2005-09-05

Sunrise near Urumchi:

Arrival at Urumchi station: