Bolshoj Almatinski Pik (3681m over sea level)

Tuesday 2005-09-13

Start of the hiking trip to Bolshoj Almatinskij Pik (Big Almaty Peak).

A map (scale 1:50000) of the hiking trip:

We started from a place called "GES-2", which can be reached by taxi from Almaty in about 30 minutes:

Bolshoe Almatinskoe Osero (Big Almaty Lake) at about 2500 meters:

Anja and Veronika went together with me to the lake. They returned to Almaty the same day, the rest of the hiking trip I did alone.

Short break at the seismologic station (at 3300 m), where I also spent the night:

After the short brak I continued the trip to the peak:

I returned to the seismologic station at about 7 p.m.:

My bed:

Vassily, the technician of the station:

Wednesday 2005-09-14

I didn't return on the same way back to GES-2, but went on another path to Alma-Arasan, from where I took a bus to Almaty.

The weather and the landscape were great:

The mountains in the background are already in Kirgistan. The border is about 7 km from here: