Ulan Bator - Beijing

Saturday 2005-08-27

Train trip:
Ulan Bator 8:10 - Beijing 14:31 (next day)

We went by taxi to the station.

Train station Ulan Bator:

Train no. 24, Ulan-Bator - Beijing:

The train of the Mongolian railway was one of the nicest and cleanest trains on our trip:

The sleeping-cars of the train are "made in Germany"

After Ulan-Bator we passed a typical Mongolian landscape with grass-covered hills:

At the station Chojr:

Through the Gobi desert:

Market at Sayn-Shand station:

Dining car:

In the evening we reached the border town Dzhamin-Uud. The Mongolian passprt and customs check took place here.
After 1,5 hourse we moved on over the border to China. The loudspeakers at Erlian station were playing the Chinese national anthem and the border officials and the staff of the station were standing at the platform and greeting the train... a very special experience!

After all checks the train was shunted to the regauging hall near the station - China uses normal gauge, as Europe...

Have a look at this video, to see more...

Back at the station, we could leave the train for about one hour and explore the top-modern station:

The train left Erlian after midnight and we went to bed.

Sunday 2005-08-28

By train through China:

My first Chinese Coke in the restaurant car:

Short stop at the Great Wall:

Arrival at Beijing: