Thursday 2005-09-01

We arrived in Shanghai in the morning. We have reached the farest point from home: 12202 kilometers by train...

After buying onward tickets to Xian we went to the "Hiker Youth Hostel" by bus.

Sightseeing in the afternoon:

Jin Mao Tower:

View from the Oriental Pearl Tower:

Oriental Pearl Tower:

Jinmao-tower in the background:

Pedestrian are in downtown Shanghai:

In the evening we visited the highest bar in the world: "Cloud no. 9"- 400 meters over ground level. It is located in the Grany Hyatt Hotel on the 87th floor of the Jinmao-tower:

Inside Jinmao-Tower:

Friday 2005-09-02

Our hostel:

Short excursion with the transrapid train to the aitport and back:

431 km/h:

After that we returned to the hostel, had lunch nearby and then went to the station.