Samarkand - City of 1001 nights

Saturday 2005-09-17

From the station we took a "marshutka" to downtown. The first hostel, where we wanted to go, was full, the second also, but they offered us a small hotel (belongig to the same company as the hostel) for the hostel-price (about 6 EUIR per night with breakfast).

Hotel Bonu-Sh:

We started our sightseeing trip at the Bibi-Khanum mosque, which is located next to hotel:

All people in Uzbekistan were very friendly and open-minded to tourists. Children especially liked to be photographed:

At the Registan square:

Left: Ulughbek Medressa
Middle: Tilla-Kari-Medressa
Right: Sher-Dor-Medressa

Amir Timur:

Some more children...

Guri-Amir mausoleum:

Bibi-Khanum mosque:

Registan at night:

Sunday 2005-09-18

Bibi-Khanum mosque, one more time:

Shahr-I-Zindah tomb avenue:

Tashkent street:

Registan - view from the Ulughbek Medresse to the Sher-Dor-Medressa:

We have been invited for lunch at a family:

Bibi-Khanum mosque at night:

Registan at night:

Monday 2005-09-19

The bazar of Samarkand:

Some more schoolchildren:

In the afternoon we left Samarkand.

Train trip:
Samarkand 15:40 - Bukhara 19:08