Ulan Bator

Map Ulan Bator - Beijing - Shanghai:

Tuesday 2005-08-23

Employees of svereal hostels were already waiting at the station to aquire guests after arrival of the train from Russia. We have choosen the UB-Guesthouse (5 USD per night) and were brought to the hostel with a small bus.

We then searched the agency where our train tickets to Beijing waited to be picked up. After that we had lunch:

Unfortunately the weather was quite bad during our sightseeing walk:

Buddhist monastery:

A "public telephone":

Chinggis Beer "gebraut nach dem Deutschen Reinheitsgebot":

Ulan-Bator also has an Austrian "Kaffehaus", and of course we had to go there to eat a "Sachertorte"...

Veronika and me - the two Austrian members of our group in front of the "Kaffeehaus":

The staff of the UB guesthouse helped us to organize a roundtrip to the countryside by car for the following three days. We also met many outher backpackers at the youth-hostel, travellong overland from Asia to Europe or v.v.