Graz - Budapest - Kiev

Map Graz - Budapest - Kiev - Moskva:







Thursday 2005-07-21

Train trip:
Graz Hbf 6:03 - Budapest Keleti 11:33

Stefan and Alexander:

Feldbach, Eastern Styria...


In Budapest we met Oliver. We had lunch at a restaurant near the station. Then we did some sightseeing before we returned to the station to get on the "Tisza-Express" from Budapest to Moscow.

Train trip:
Budapest Keleti 18:20 - Kiev Passazhirskij 19:26 (next day)

Oliver, Stefan and Alexander, in the background our train.

Dinner in our sleeping-car compartment.
Helmut (that's me), Stefan and Oliver:

Due to the wider rail gauge in the former USSR the boogies of the train are exchanged at the Ukrainian border (Chop):

Friday 2005-07-22

In the morning we stopped at Lvov and then continued to Kiev:

Lunchtime in the dining car:

In the evening we arrived at Kiev and made our way to the hostel by taxi.



steptrev said...

Did you have to take the most disadvantageus pictures of me? It seems I constantly yawn, eat or look stupid ...
For the other readers: I rarely do that, but it happens to be the case whenever Helmut takes a picture of me ...

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