Khiva - another fascinating old town

Friday 2005-09-23

On the way from the bus stop to the old town:

It wouldn't be Uzbekistan, if there was no cotton...

The old town (the part surrounded by the city wall) of Khiva is preserved in its entirety and considered as UNESCO world cultural heritage:

Kalta Minor Minaret:

The city wall:


Saturday 2005-09-24

We stayed in a small private hotel.

Having breakfast:

Tombs on the city wall:

In Khiva our group seperated. Anja and Veronika went home from here with stopovers at the Aral lake and Astrakhan. I left one day later and made a "lttle" detour via Irkutsk in Siberia...

Veronika and Anja at a bread-bakery:

The bazar of Khiwa:

Khiva by night:

Uzebek money... 60000 Som for the train ticket to Atyrau in Kazakhstan


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